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An Update: Housing, Jobs and a Beerathon.

Big News. I’m moving, I’ve gotten a job and I’m entering the real world of being a female young professional.

I’m moving to Brighton, off the Cleveland Circle stop. I worked somewhat near here at Harvard Business School Publishing in Watertown.

I’m moving out the 29th, moving in the first of September…Boston’s big moving day.

I’ve heard horror stories of the day’s events and traffic. I’m not so excited.

According to Yelp, Cleveland Circle isn’t the hottest spot around boston, according to three separate reviews below:

“Cleveland Circle is the blemish on Beacon Street, the one really ugly part where you wonder if maybe you accidentally got onto Comm Ave somehow.” 

“Being in Cleveland Circle makes me wish I could summon a tornado.”

“This place is kinda like a beat-up pickup truck.”

Well, I may have signed myself up for an interested three months in the beloved Cleveland Circle, but I don’t think it can be too bad. The commute to work is kind of a bitch, 48 minutes by T (and considering it’s on the Green Line, I’d say we can tack easily tack a good 20 more minutes), and it’s not super convenient or close to my friends, who are mainly still around the NEU area…but it could be worse. It’s close enough, nice enough and it’s got a liquor store, a Dunkin’ Donuts right across the street and a laundromat down the block. 3 months…I’ll live.

I met my two roommate off of Craigslist. A sentence which is generally followed by “Are you serious, Kimber?” or “The famous last spoken words…”

But they seem pretty cool so far. Both are young male professionals, I think between 27-29 and share a passion of acrobatics, which is pretty sweet. We have jujitsu training mats covering the entire floor of one room which I’ll have access to. Hello ab workouts! And they both drink beer and seem easygoing.

As for my job…I’m starting up tomorrow in the Advertising field at Dig Boston. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve gotten the physical copy of Dig fairly often, and I am a regular browser of the website. It will be neat to work with the people who’ve been publishing the alternative weekly recently.

My boss asked me to be in at ten, which sounded great at the time, but my insomnia kicked in around 11 tonight so I’m hoping to catch at least some sleep before my big day.

For those of you Bostonians who love beer, buy yourself a ticket to The Boston Beerathon. My best friend and I got tickets, and it’s going to be a great event. We’re starting at Mija Cantina.

Order yourself tickets right now, buy yourself this pad, and mark September 15th on your calendar as a day dedicated to beer, old friends and new friends. No better way to ring in the Autumn season.


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